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Winged victory, Brescia

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In this page, I am going to write article especially for travelers from other countries. Therefore, those are not just translation of the things I write in Italian, but they are specific content for international travellers.

I hope you will find those helpful.

Last news:

After the summer vacation, we are finally back with some new articles!

Now that the summer is ending you don’t want to miss all the events that are going to take place now, to find out more about them, check my Instagram profile out!

New events that you can’t miss

– exhibition “donne nell’arte” (= women in art), Martinengo Palace (in Brescia).

Brescia, everything you need from a holiday

Have you ever been to Brescia? No? then, this article will introduce you the city ^^ you just need to click on the title.

My last news

International students: what can you do in Brescia by night?

What to see (thematic tours)

Brixia: Brescia during the Roman Era

Brescia in the Commune Era

Tips and Reviews

Lugana: a local wine suggestion

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