Gluten-free restaurant in Brescia

When travelling, one of the most difficult things is to be able to find restaurants that are suitable for one’s diet. People with allergies and intolerances have to pay special attention to the places they go and clearly when in a new city there is a lot of insecurity.

I therefore decided to turn to a friend of mine to get a list of gluten-free places from her: the list that follows is based precisely on her experience as a celiac.

First of all, Brescia is not exactly a ‘gluten-free friendly’ city, in the sense that there are few places and supermarkets with specific products, and the variety of things to buy is small. Among the supermarkets we have Esselunga, Carrefour and Conad.

As for restaurants, almost all of them cannot ensure that the dishes are not contaminated, so they are not on this list (however, if you know of a restaurant that also offers safe options for coeliacs, let me know below in the comments!).

Instead, it is mainly pizzerias and some bakeries and pastry shops that have gluten-free options. Among these we have:

  • Vicolo Corto: this restaurant is located in the city centre and offers pizza and also some dishes other than pizza, although the price may be a little above average. However, it is convenient to get to but reservations are recommended, as the place is nice and small;
  • Pizzeria da Ciro: this pizzeria is located outside the centre, towards the Mompiano area, here you can only eat pizzas;
  • Bierhaus: located nearby Casazza metro station, this is the ideal place for lovers of the beer-with-sandwich or pizza combo, in particular the range of beers is very wide;
  • Papilla: this place is located outside the centre, it is a pastry shop but also makes really excellent baked goods;
  • 0% glutine: this pastry and bakery is also located just outside the centre, closer than Papilla. The products are very good but may not be well stocked.

About the places where to get a nice aperitif, we mention Artemisia, a very nice place in the city centre (where, by the way, they do a lot of events, so I recommend following their social pages as well), and Mondo Liquido, located at Ambiente parco, a science park with educational trails, although here the gluten-free dishes are practically vegetarian.

In conclusion, Brescia does not present a wide range of choices, there are places in Italy (such as Veneto) and Northern Europe where there are many more options, but Brescia does not even rank in the worst places!

I hope you liked this article, but most of all that it helps you! Let me also know what you think of these places mentioned above and if you know some more!



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