Where to go thrift shopping in Brescia

Dear foreign tourists, visitor and students, if you are looking for some nice place where to go shopping without spending too much money, here my Hints for you – second hand shops edition!

I will report below a list of what I think are the best thrifting experience in Brescia (and province), but first an introduction: in Italy there is no “thrifting culture”, in the sense that since most Italians do not look upon this activity favourably, the offers are limited and may be different from those in the rest of the world. Therefore, clothes might be a little bit expensive in some places – for a flea market. On the other hand, there might be places with very cheap price, but very low quality.

I love going to second hand shops and markets, I always find some interesting stuff and it is an activity that suits my ecofriendly lifestyle. So here the list of my recommended shops:

  • Mercatopoli Brescia Centro: located close to the city center and San Faustino, it is a shop where you can both buy and sell clothes. Since they only accept clothes in good conditions and with label, they have very nice products but maybe sometimes they are a little bit expensive! Still, here I found my best dresses. But the best part is that clothes that are not sold within a certain time limit are donated to people in need and part of the sale is donated to charity;
  • At Via Gabriele Rosa on the last Sunday of the month there is a small second-hand market from 9 am until noon (I recommend arriving earlier, otherwise you have to wait and queue). It deals mainly in second-hand clothes and here you can find some really interesting things at cheap prices;
  • Mercatino del tempo che fu: this is a huge event, held in Roncadelle every last Sunday of the Month. Here you can find not only clothes but also forniture, vintage decorations like posters, vintage cameras and vinyl records. I do reccomend to come here in the early morning, even though it’s hard to get there by public means of transport: with the bus numer 2 or 15 you can get close to the location but you still need to walk a bit;
  • Vinokilo: sometimes a Vinokilo event is held in Brescia. This is more of a international brand, since it was created by a young german entrepreneur and, for those who don’t know what vinokilo is, it is a flea market where you buy second-hand and fashionable clothes by the kilo. For this event, you can check their socials to see which is the next location.

Here are just few of them, but the list of appointments is long! For example, another fleamarket is held every second Sunday of the month, below the porches of Vittoria Square, in the city center. Here as well there are forniture articles and some clothes. But also at the local market held every Saturday in the city center there are some second-hand market stall, with few stuff but still woth a visit!

I hope this article helps you, let me know what you think of these suggestions and if you have other places to suggest!


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