Everything you need from a holiday

Are you looking for a city where to go on holiday, a place where you can relax
looking at an amazing artwork after riding your bike by the lakeside? a place
where you can go trekking in the morning, enjoying a unique wine experience
in the afternoon and strolling around ancient streets by night?

Not many cities have such a variety of activities, but Brescia has. This is the city of the Mille Miglia, maybe better-known for its province rather than the unique history, art and architecture of the city, and you can feel all this just by looking at the buildings we have: the roman Brixia, Middle-age alleys, Venetian and Austrian squares, underground tour on a forgotten river, industrial architecture and many museums.

In Brescia you can find not one but two cathedrals, one of those has the third highest cupola in Italy. In Brescia you can have dinner in traditional restaurants but you can also enjoy some ethnic food.

If now you are wondering how to get there, no worries: it is very easy, you can get there
with the high-speed train both from Milan and Verona, you can get a bus or a train from Bergamo airport, you can even come by car or by bus. If now you want to plan your holiday already, check on the website “visitbrescia” to check what are the experience you can find in this period.

3 pensieri riguardo “Brescia

  1. Una bellissima città la nostra Brescia! Veramente poco conosciuta e sottovalutata spesso ma, in realtà, come dici tu, sia in centro storico che in provincia abbiamo tante bellezze da non dover invidiare nessuno!

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