Palamidi Fortress

A stronghold overflowing with chronicled importance, it was done in 1714 and is viewed as one of the most grounded post in Greece. The stronghold assumed significant job in the War of Independence pursued against the Turks in the mid 1800s.

Today, it is among the best safeguarded compositional landmarks from the venetian time. In the wake of being changed over quickly into a jail, the post was tossed open to travelers who were bold enough to overcome its 999 stages.

In any case, as a general rule, the means number somewhat less than 999. The long move up is justified, despite all the trouble however, on the grounds that from up there one can see the impressive bastions, the noteworthy sanctuary of Aghios Andreas, the water tanks, and the manor of the Acronauplia. Obviously, you will likewise get a monumental fowls eye perspective on the city.

Area: Nafplio

Archeological Museum of Nafplio

The Building that houses the Archeological Museum is viewed as among the best-safeguarded Venetian Structures in Greece. It dates backs to 1713, and was utilized as the venetian naval force’s vault before it was transformed into the celebrated vacation destination that it is today.

The exhibition hall plays host to about constantly times of Hellenic history from the Paleolithic age onwards. The most seasoned relics here are the Paleolithic bunch of special raised areas going back to 32.000 to 21.000 BC. Earthenware from the Bronze Age and internment things from the assemblies of tombs, among numerous different ancient rarities can be found here.

This exhibition hall is a decent one-stop spot to find out about the fluctuated history of Greece. Take an interest in the instructive projects they offer for a progressively intelligent encounter.

Timings: 8.30 am to 3 pm (Mondays Closed)

Area: Syntagmatos Square, Nafplio

Church of Agios Spyridon

This Church, situated in the Old Town of Nafplio, was worked in 1702 and is a significant piece of Grecian history. It was here that the death of Ioannis Kapodistrias, the principal legislative head of the Greek State occurred in 1831. His inner organs were put in a coffin beneath the adjust and the projectiles are as yet safeguarded in a glass case.

Going to an early morning mass here is something you should put on your plan for the day for regardless of the dismal past, this congregation, with its dim, baffling walkways, is one of the most beautiful spots in Nafplio.

Area: Nafplio

Legends Museum

The Folklore exhibition hall in nafplio is an honor winning gallery committed to moderating the way of life and conventions of Nafplio’s nineteenth and mid twentieth century history. The historical center was set up in 1974 so as to look into, study, protect and advance the Hellenic human progress.

In view of this point, the historical center has curated society ensembles, substantial conventional silver decorations, and family things for the general population to see. Every one of these things talk about a cozy history that happened inside the day by day lives of Nafplio’s kin. It’s anything but a background marked by war, yet rather a past filled with ways of life, which makes it intriguing. You can likewise look at the blessing search for nearby hand-created things.

Timings: (Mon-Sat)9 am to 2.30 pm; (Sun) 9 am to 3.30 pm

Area: King Alexander’s 1Street, Nafplio


Bourtzi is Nafplio’s most renowned milestone. It is a little Venetian post which is situated in center of the harbor of Nafplio. Worked in 1473, the fortification has shielded its Venetian manufacturers from numerous a privateer and trespasser. Its ocean based area is its best bit of leeway as most trespassers arrived at Greece from the ocean.

In its intriguing past, Bourtzi has additionally filled in as a jail and a lodging. Today, it stands tall as a truly rich area. It is best visited in the early hours on the off chance that you wish to dodge swarms. Seeing the post over the harbor around evening time is tremendous since the whole stronghold is lit up come evening.

A few melodic and social occasions are held at the Venetian milestone throughout the mid year. There is no preferred sentimental spot in Greece over this stronghold around evening time.

Area: Nafplio

Karathona Beach

One for the most part doesn’t hope to happen upon a remote sea shore inside a traveler city. In any case, Karathona Beach figures out how to hold its wild and remote climate in spite of being a traveler hotspot. This sea shore can be come to by just strolling down from the Arvanitia square.

Arranged behind the Rock of Palamidi, the sea shore reaches out as much as 3 kilometers long. You can stroll along the sea shore and appreciate the nightfall from here. After you are done, you can drop into the bars close by to appreciate a sample of nearby Greek cooking.

On the off chance that you visit in the mid year, you may likewise have the option to take part in one of the grill parties that are held there. On the off chance that you are here when sunsets, you will likewise be blessed to receive the magnificent display of Bourtzi lit up.

Area: Nafplio

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